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Formed early in 2002, owned and managed by Jaqui Perkes, the fair labour practice (Pty) Ltd is a specialised human resources and labour relations consultancy.

basket tab 3We believe that human resources is the linchpin of every corporate entity and should be strategically maximised to attain above average ROI whilst minimising financial and other risks. Our main objective is to ensure that our clients’ businesses are efficient, productive and great places to work.

For individuals in trouble, we offer a cost-effective conflict resolution service from briefing you about your rights at work, providing you with honest down-to-earth advice on the merits of your grievance or dispute to hands-on advice if you intend to escalate the matter.

basket tab 2 In South Africa, there are prescribed processes that are involved when dealing with, for instance, termination of employment or restructuring of businesses which may impact on employment issues. It is an extremely important aspect of Human Resource Management and cannot be under estimated. It is all about the way in which people at work are managed to productivity, whilst recognising the balance between work and life outside of work and the distinct importance of upholding ethics, dignity and respect on both sides of the spectrum.

We consult on all aspects of human resources and labour relations with our corporate clients and guiding our individual clients to sustainable solutions and providing sound, cost effective and honest advice to all. We are guided by legislative constraints, updated information and case law as well as taking advice from network associates in related fields which augments our knowledge gained over years of working in the field.

basket tab 1Our core business is consulting with corporates and individuals on all matters related to people at work (and we have a great network of colleagues who lend a hand should we not have the expertise).

We speak plain English. Where other languages are required, these are arranged according to client specification.  We network extensively with associates to form decidedly strategic alliances to ensure outstanding results are achieved for each client on a customised basis.