27 September 2017: National Stay-Away Campaign

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) has called on all workers to stage a socio-economic strike, or a national stay-away, on Wednesday 27 September.

It results from a Section 77 Notice issued by COSATU in July 2017 to Nedlac, which was approved by Nedlac in August. Section 77 relates to the S77 of the Labour Relations Act which speaks to protest action to promote or defend socio-economic interests of workers.

The forms of protest will include:
-Work stoppages
-Rallies, marches, demonstrations, pickets (including lunchtime pickets), placards, siyalalas at or near Government Departments and Businesses;
-Engagement of motorists, customers and other members of the public to inform them about the reasons for the protest action and to persuade them to be supportive;
-Calls for solidarity campaigns that are aimed at the media, shareholders, employees, suppliers and others associated with Business and Government.

This may cause work disruptions between 00h00 and 24h00 on 27 September 201