Retirement – Most people believe that everyone has to retire at age 65.

In fact, the South African pension age is now 60, so people who are eligible for a state pension can actually contact SASSA and make appropriate arrangements when they turn 60. There are certain basic requirements that SASSA will inform you about. Can you be retired if there is no policy governing retirement? You should also be aware that … Read More

Social Media at Work

Today, most people at work are connected to the Internet and it’s widely used for effective and efficient communication.  It reaches out to millions of people instantly and the possibility of defamatory postings pose a significant risk to reputational integrity of both corporate entities and individuals.   Posting anything that amounts to hate speech, incites violence or is defamatory is … Read More

Earnings Threshold

Basic Conditions of Employment Act The Basic Conditions of Employment Act provides that employees earning above a certain amount are excluded from some sections of the BCEA.  The amount usually changes annually, but has remained unchanged since it was changed in July 2014.   The current threshold is R 205,433.30 per year (or R17,119.44 per month).  The section concerning working … Read More

The big debate: Minimum Wages in South Africa

Currently, South Africa does not have a national minimum wage system.  In certain industries, there are Sectoral Determinations which provide for minimum wages in those sectors.  These include, but are not limited to, Domestic Workers, Security, Contract Cleaning, Civil Engineering and others.  They are amended regularly and can be viewed easily on the Department of Labour website,   To … Read More